Strategic Initiatives

Each year, PRSA Richmond’s Board of Directors updates and approved the chapter’s strategic plan.

Chapter Goals

The plan outlines six main goals for the organization:

Champion the strategic value of ethical public relations and the role of public relations as a lead discipline in driving organizational strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion
Create an inclusive and welcoming environment that cultivates a diverse and collaborative membership reflective of our industry and community.

Facilitate the creation of virtual and face-to-face communities where members engage, connect and build relationships to learn, teach, share, network and mentor in ways that support and enrich their careers, and professional and personal lives.

Deliver exceptional, relevant lifelong learning opportunities.

Be a best-in-class member organization where PRSA leadership, volunteers, members and staff collaborate to ensure success.

Enable organizational growth and excellence by continually determining the value and impact of our strategic priorities.

Each member of the board identifies objectives that will allow his or her committee to contribute to the achievement of the chapter’s goals.