Rising Star Award

PRSA Richmond’s Rising Star Award was instituted in 2010 to recognize an outstanding new member of the public relations profession who has five or fewer years of experience in PR. Rising Star recipients are practitioners who jumped into the profession with both feet—doing incredible work, seeking out learning and mentorship opportunities, and immediately looking for ways to get involved and give back.

The recipient of the Rising Star Award is always announced at the Virginia Public Relations Awards.

2023 Nominations

The nomination period for the 76th Annual Virginia PR Awards closed March 31, 2023.

Award Criteria

Nominees are assessed based on the criteria below on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 signifying excellence).

Considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Early career successes that promise future leadership in the public relations field
    • Have they had a significant role in successful public relations campaigns or projects?
    • Have they demonstrated leadership qualities?
    • Is there indication of personal growth in the area of leadership?
    • Are there examples in which they have shown initiative and self-direction?
  • Outstanding work with significant measurable outcomes?
    • Are there examples of their work resulting in significant, successful and measurable outcomes?
    • How many projects or campaigns have they been involved in with these results?
    • Can their work be considered “outstanding” when judged against peers at their same level of experience?
  • A commitment to the values of PRSA
    • Does their work indicate a knowledge of and adherence to PRSA values?
    • Do they exhibit a high level of professionalism and integrity?
    • Do they seek out opportunities to learn and grow in their field?
    • Are they involved in PRSA Richmond?
  • Involvement in the community and volunteer service
    • What kind of volunteer work do they do?
    • What organizations or boards are they affiliated with?
    • Have they used their expertise to help the community outside of their work duties?
    • If yes, in what ways have they done this and what are the results of their service?
  • Enthusiasm and initiative infused with a spirit of cooperation and teamwork
    • Do they exhibit enthusiasm?
    • Do they inspire those around them?
    • Do they work well as part of a team?