Virginia PR Awards Entry Rules

Entries must feature work performed in the calendar year prior to the Call for Entries.

Entrants must select a single category for each entry. However, entrants may submit a campaign and the parts of that campaign (tactics) for more than one category, provided that it meets specific criteria. For example, a campaign can be submitted as an entry to the Commonwealth Awards and the press release from that campaign could be submitted as a Capital Award entry. The entry must be submitted with separate category appropriate materials, as well as a separate entry fee for each additional category entered. In deciding which category is most appropriate, entrants should examine tactic objectives and target audiences. Judges will not move entries into other categories.

A concise summary must accompany the entry (approximately one page in length). The summary word limit for the Capital Awards (tactics) is 400 words and for the Commonwealth Awards (campaigns) is 800 words. The summary is the single most important component of the award entry. Judges evaluate tactics and campaigns in four key areas —planning/content, creativity/quality, technical excellence, and results. Within these areas, the summary should include measurable objectives, target audiences, budget, and any other specific information requested in the individual category. Results — qualitative, quantitative, or both — should provide evidence of how the stated measurable objectives were met, and how the entry impacted the success of a broader or ongoing program.

All tactics and campaigns must be submitted in English. Tactics or campaigns produced in a language other than English must be translated. A copy of the original, as well as the translated version, must be submitted.

By entering the Virginia Public Relations Awards program, all entrants confirm that their programs and entries comply with the ethical standards of the profession, as embodied in the PRSA Code of Ethics.