News: Ethics

A Photo Is Worth a Thousand … Ethics Violations?
February 27, 2023
Are the photos your company or client uses unethical? If the images purport to represent diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion but that doesn’t reflect an accurate picture of what’s happening at the organization, then you’re facing an ethical conundrum.
Ethics Month Programming and Resources
August 26, 2022
September is Ethics month, and PRSA National has provided a number of resources to ensure members stay up to date.
How do you do the right thing?
August 28, 2020
“Adhering to the highest ethical standards will have better returns on your career than any educational degree or client campaign.”
Library Association Offers Help to Fight ‘Fake News’
April 30, 2020
Where does a PR professional turn to get the “real news” and facts? How do you check the latest reports and protect the integrity of your client, employer or yourself – a problem that may have gotten worse with the COVID-19 pandemic?
PRSA Richmond Adopts Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Promise
October 16, 2019
The promise commits the board and members of PRSA Richmond to the acknowledgement that every individual is valuable to the organization.
Disinformation: It’s Time to “Take It Personally”
September 25, 2019
The traditional method of countering misleading or false information with the truth may not be enough to convince our stakeholders that PR practitioners should be trusted.
September is PRSA Ethics Month
August 29, 2019
As we observe Ethics Month throughout September, it’s important to remember that following ethical principles is necessary year-round.
PR Ethics and Parenting Teenagers
April 17, 2018
Dawn Eischen, APR, is PRSA Richmond’s Ethics Officer. She has been a public relations professional for nearly 20 years and recently joined the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority as a PR Manager.
Ethics, the Heart of Leadership
August 23, 2016
September is Ethics Awareness Month at PRSA. This year, PRSA is highlighting the integral role ethics play in professional and personal leadership.