Every month is DEI month!

October is designated as ‘Diversity Month’ for PRSAs all over the globe. Hopefully, for PRSA Richmond, every month is diversity month. Beginning formal DEI initiatives as an organization was a process (2021 DEI Strategic Plan) that was a long time coming and though there are many challenges, we can embrace the structure around action steps taken.

This month, we celebrate those action steps. The Jeff Wilson Scholarship of Excellence, a $1500 scholarship for a PR student of color, was announced by the Richmond Public Relations Foundation. The scholarship intentionally expands opportunity for students who still face inequitable representation in our industry.

In an effort to accurately measure PRSARVA’s membership and increase DEI effectiveness, approximately 50 percent of PRSARVA’s members have proactively provided more complete and accurate profile information.

Thank you! If you have not done so already, please log-in to your member profile and complete your additional demographic information. When we know better, we can do better.

In that spirit, a transparent “pathway to leadership” and leadership interest form will soon be added to our website, another action step implemented from the DEI strategic plan. We are actively seeking more diversity in all forms of participatory leadership: committees, chairs, Board members, and officers. PRSARVA is as strong as the diverse and inclusive perspectives which go into decision-making, programming and the  membership itself.

Our DEI efforts and those from other chapters around the country will be highlighted at this month’s ICON conference through visuals showcasing the action steps all PRSA chapters are taking to make necessary and measurable progress in diversity. This is a particular priority for PRSA National and PRSARVA is leader, assisting other chapters in strategic planning and a model in getting things done.

Especially this month, we ask members to increase engagement with PRSARVA’s social media messaging focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. Articulate and share your support as we lead and educate our community.

Judi Crenshaw
Chair, DEI Committee