February President’s Message

Hi everyone,

It was so nice to get back in the PRSA swing of things last week with our first program of 2021. While I am the first president to kickoff the year virtually, it is my hope that I am also the last president who introduces themselves to the Chapter via Zoom. Even though we were not together, I felt a strong sense of community present during the program. Great questions, comments and connections by so many of you.

February is dedicated to honoring Black history – and at this time I want to highlight the importance of PRSA Richmond’s DEI Strategic Plan. The actionable plan was developed last year by current ethics chair Patrice Lewis and the DEI committee. The committee and current DEI chair Judi Crenshaw are working with the full PRSA Richmond board to achieve the organization’s DEI Promise.

We are committed to making PRSA Richmond a community where BIPOC professionals are valued, respected and celebrated. As Judi shared in her article, it’s time to act. For me, that will mean a lot of things, and one of the actions I am most energized about is talking with members of color about what leadership within PRSA Richmond looks like and how they can create a path to lead.

As someone who went from a new member “wallflower” to now president, I want to offer that journey to others and clear paths to leadership. Please take me up on a Zoom coffee sometime soon. I am free most mornings. Email me at president@prsarichmond.org.

Our program on February 24 will highlight a prominent Black voice in PR, Cheryl Procter-Rogers. She’ll talk with us about how we can lead important DEI conversations in our organization, get leadership on board and then create actionable plans.

And while I have you, allow me to share the Virginia COVID-19 Vaccine Ambassadors program to you. Getting the community vaccinated is going to require trust, and trust is gained when credible messengers share facts and information. Between the influence I possess in some of my networks and my communications skills, I am a good fit to be a vaccine ambassador – and chances are, you are too! Please consider and sign up here.

Hope to talk with some of you soon! See you on the 24th!

Take care and stay well.

PRSA Richmond President