From Words to Action

In a year of heightened awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), communicators have been seeking resources. What should be said? What’s the ‘right’ way to say it? How can we help members of our organization to formulate empathetic messages?

Words definitely matter and PRSA Richmond’s DEI Committee would like to encourage our membership to keep pursuing deep, fact-based knowledge and wide-ranging resources to inform your thinking and policies.

Now we present a challenge to each PRSA member. Let’s go beyond words and move into action. Black History matters 12 months a year and not just in February. As professional communicators, let’s be sure to follow through, in an authentic way, to empower BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and others who face systemic injustices. Make your well-chosen words a reality by ensuring that your organization’s DEI initiatives are being implemented, step-by-step with measurable benchmarks and accountability for success.

Holding up a mirror in this regard, the PRSA Richmond Board has gathered in three DEI Working Groups: Programming/Events, Leadership/Professional Development, and Recruitment/Retention. Each group is implementing specific portions of the DEI Strategic Plan, in order to make progress achieving the plan’s objectives. It won’t be a perfect process, but each Committee and Officer is working on your behalf to make PRSARVA more inclusive and equitable — and to hold ourselves accountable.

Here are some links to spark your own DEI calls-to-action, this month and every month this year:

Judi Crenshaw, APR
Chair, DEI Committee