March President’s Message

andrew-ryan-medEach month, I take some time to discuss what’s happening in PRSA Richmond. I’ll readily admit to a bias here, but I think PRSA Richmond is an incredible organization. Our chapter continues to grow and innovate!

Our chapter’s achievements struck home for me a few months ago when I was in New York for a leadership training event for incoming presidents of local PRSA chapters. PRSA Richmond was praised on multiple occasions for our size and our members’ commitment to the chapter. Much of this success is thanks to the dedication of our chapter’s volunteer board of directors and, most importantly, the amazing members of PRSA Richmond.

I respect our membership a great deal and am always open to feedback. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the chapter or would like to suggest something new. The best way to reach me is Aside from direct interaction with members, a very valuable tool has been the 2015 PRSA Richmond Membership Survey. Conducted in December, our biennial membership survey asked questions on a variety of topics, including membership retention, dues, chapter services, program topics, chapter demographics, and more. The survey helps the board to gauge the chapter’s success in delivering services to our members.

As I first reported during our February membership meeting, I’m happy to share that the chapter once again received high praise from participants in the membership survey. PRSA Richmond has a 97 percent member satisfaction rate, and 86 percent of members respect the chapter. The chapter’s monthly luncheons, website and JobLink rate as the most important services the chapter offers.

Although we’ve accomplished a great deal as a chapter, there are always opportunities for growth. Five such opportunities were identified in the responses to the most recent membership survey:

  • Board: Members want more information on Board actions and activities.
  • Diversity: The chapter should become even more welcoming and inclusive.
  • Membership directory: Members want improvements.
  • Professional development: Members want more workshops.
  • Social: Chapter social events need more variety and awareness.

The board is working diligently to address the areas. Some changes will be immediate, such as the new board updates given during the luncheon announcements. Other changes will take more time to implement, and I’ll keep all members updated on our progress.

Learn more about the membership survey. The full results of the survey (PDF) are available as well.

Finally, I encourage any members to contact me if you’d like to get more involved in the chapter and/or help address one of the five opportunities for growth above. The board always welcomes member involvement. Thank you!


Andrew Ryan, APR
2016 PRSA Richmond President