New Pro Highlight: Meghan Gearino


In recognition of those new to the profession, PRSA celebrates #NewProsWeek2017 Aug. 6-12. The theme this year is “Careers in Bloom: Creating a plan for career success.”

Think of your career like a garden. You’ll want to plant it in a fertile area with plenty of room to grow and access to the things it needs to thrive: sunshine and water; opportunities and professional development. You’ll need to spend some time on it, deciding what to cultivate, weeding out the unnecessary and giving it the care and attention it needs. You’ll need to fill your tool shed. Finally, consulting the experts is never a bad idea.

PRSA Richmond is highlighting some of our chapter’s Next Wave members and their contributions to the profession. Our “budding flowers” answer questions on the tools and tips needed to grow your career well beyond “bloom!”

Where do you work and give us a brief description of your role.

I am the public relations coordinator for Richmond Region Tourism. My main focus is to garner positive coverage for the Richmond region, and the best way to do this is to bring writers, journalists and influencers to the area and curate a Richmond experience for them. The hope is that their coverage will bring more tourists and visitors here! I also do desksides in other cities and regions, attend travel media conferences and respond to relevant leads.

What is your favorite plant/flower?

I love sunflowers – which works out great for me, because they seem to be EVERYWHERE around Richmond.

What are some important things PR professionals should do to help their careers grow?

Meet people and network everywhere you go – these people who you meet will be the ones who can help you by giving you advice and tips on best practices down the road!

What advice would you give to other new professionals interested in the PR field?

Just be as helpful and curious as you can – you can never learn too much! And enthusiasm and friendliness go a LONG way.

What do you love about being a public relations professional?

Working with people! My very first job out of college was a customer service position at a government office – and I LOVED it! It became clear to me that I preferred to work with people and the public. Once I figured out that you could work in PR and represent companies and help them in a positive way, I was over the moon! It sounded like the perfect kind of job to me…and it is!

What are some personal things you do to help your “PR garden” grow?

I am constantly trying to think of ways to help promote the Richmond region. Part of my job is working with our community – whether it’s local restaurants, shops, attractions, museums, etc. If I haven’t met a local chef or boutique owner, I will try to do that so we can discuss ways we can all work together to promote this wonderful region! I also try to meet as many journalists and writers as I can at conferences or professional events, and keep in contact with them after. My job is to bridge together Richmond entities with writers, bloggers and members of the media.