October Member Spotlight: Brianna Jiménez

Brianna Jiménez is a marketing and communications coordinator with Lane Homes & Remodeling, Inc. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations from The Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she also served on the outreach committee of PRSSA.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-36-12-pmWhat do you enjoy most about being a public relations practitioner?

I enjoy playing a part in connecting people to ideas, stories, events and other people. The world is enormous, but communicators are gifted with the task of making it a little smaller. Logistically speaking, I enjoy writing for our e-newsletter and strengthening my InDesign muscles.

What three accomplishments, personal and/or professional you are most proud of?

In no particular order: Graduating cum laude from VCU as a first-generation female college grad, landing a job in my desired career path and sustaining friendships and familial relationships through life’s twists and turns.

How does PRSA help to support your success?

PRSA enriches my network of professionals with socials and luncheons. The association also increases my industry knowledge with seminars and online sources.

What is one of your favorite take-aways from the chapter or best recent memory from your involvement?

When I was a PRSSA member at VCU, I visited a PRSA luncheon. There, I met someone who has since become my professional mentor and friend. I have PRSA to thank for access to her invaluable insight and advice.

I am a PRSA Richmond member because…

I love being a part of a community of public relations professionals from all walks of life.