October President’s Message

Greetings PRSA Members!

Can you believe it’s October? Another month of 2020 is passing us by…with hope that we’re one month closer to a return to normalcy from an unpredictable year.

Thank you to so many of you who registered for our September program this week. Your registration also included a vote for our chapter’s 2021 Slate of Officers, which received your majority vote. We will officially install these officers at the November program!

In October, we extend our assistance during Student Connections Month to PRSSA students preparing to graduate and embark on their career journeys. To support them, PRSA Richmond has planned a bunch of all-virtual events to provide students with networking, mentorship, resources and better preparation as they dive into their job hunt. To the PRSSA students in our fold, just know we’ve all walked in your shoes. Back in the day, I was a Gen Xer with no clear notion of where my B.A. might lead me. When I graduated college, I knew I wanted to write. My main job resource was the Washington Post’s Classifieds section. My first job was entry level in computer support services at a national association in Washington, D.C. Not writing. Not PR. But guess what? I hung in there, and when a position opened in the association’s communications division, I had my foot already in the door and was hired. And I got to write. I’ve never looked back. So just know that your first job may not be your dream job, but make it count, get along well with others, and make connections. Being part of PRSA is a big step. You’re already on the right path!

Keep an eye out for more happenings this month. Have a great and productive October!

Stay safe. Stay smart.

Windy Campbell
2020 PRSA Richmond chapter president