October President’s Message: Make a Student Connection

October is Student Connections Month. What used to be a mere seven days has expanded to try to meet all the potential out there. That’s right, you’ve got the entire month to make a meaningful connection with a student in the public relations/communications field. How, exactly, will you make that happen?

PRSARVA creates the spaces to seek out students at October events. Make plans now to attend the ONE Party (Oct 3), Media Training professional development session (Oct 17) and/or the Student Connections Luncheon (Oct 30). Please make it a priority to seek out student attendees and help them feel welcome.

So, what to do after initially meeting a student interested in Public Relations or some related communications career? Ask questions about favorite class PR projects, work experiences and a skill they may have found challenging but managed to master. Provide some insight. Say ‘yes’ to an email exchange and offer your business card (bring extra business cards to these PRSARVA events!). Say ‘yes’ to sharing a few tips about internships or sharing your expertise by accepting a slot on a career panel.

The PRSA Richmond Year of Yes means being of practical help, and who better to say yes to than the future of our industry?

Judi Crenshaw, APR
President, PRSA Richmond