Sample Questions for Engaging Informational Interviews

Cameron McPherson, APR, serves as president of the Richmond PR Foundation.

I believe conversations can spark careers.

That’s why I know informational interviews are a key tool for helping students navigate the public relations industry. The advice and guidance shared during these brief conversations can help form the steppingstones for someone’s professional path.

Students shouldn’t be intimidated to ask professionals for meetings. From my experience, PRSA Richmond members are generous with their time and willing to share what they know.

I love connecting with students because I learn just as much from the conversations as well.

But good informational interviews take practice. I’ve found that if I prepare and find a period in the day when I won’t be distracted by incoming emails or other tasks, the discussions are more productive.

To help guide the conversations, the Richmond Public Relations Foundation has created an “Informational Interview Study Guide” to prepare both students and professionals with sample questions.

Check out the questions below. I can’t wait to hear what you learn.

The Richmond PR Foundation provides four annual scholarships to area college students and assists current practitioners by reimbursing APR certification costs. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.