Update on 2023 Dues for PRSA Richmond Membership

As we approach the upcoming dues renewal period in mid-November, we wanted to share an update on the cost to membership. The board of PRSA Richmond previously voted to reduce chapter dues for the 2021 and 2022 calendar years from $185 to $100 in an effort to provide a bit of financial relief to our members during the pandemic. Since that time, we have resumed our next normal of life and the cost of everything around us has increased. These increases have impacted the hospitality expenses associated with our monthly programming as well as chapter events and activities, so the board has discussed a plan for returning to pre-COVID membership rates in incremental steps.

During the October board meeting, the decision was made to increase chapter dues for calendar year 2023 to $140. The next increase will take place in 2024 as the board continues to monitor circumstances that may impact chapter operations. These incremental increases will not only allow the chapter to sustain the current offerings, but also explore even more ways to meaningfully engage members and prospective members. Whether it is variety in professional development opportunities, increased budgeting for travel expenses to accommodate national speakers for monthly programming, or additional social events — we look forward to doing all that we can for you at an affordable pace and appreciate your feedback along the way.

The board of PRSA Richmond hopes this incremental increase will continue to assist members in managing the unexpected financial burdens caused by COVID-19, while also taking advantage of the robust services valued from our chapter. We are so excited to be back in person for our monthly programming, awards events, and other professional development opportunities. As we head into the new year, our goal is to see you even more!

Thank you for remaining with us during such difficult times. We know it certainly has not been easy and we appreciate your active membership.  Please stay tuned for announcements related to dues along with other important items for chapter members in the coming weeks.