Update on Chapter Dues for 2021

PRSA Richmond is keenly aware of the financial toll that the pandemic is taking on our members and their families. We would like to share some news in advance of the dues renewal period that will begin in mid-November.

In an effort to provide a measure of financial relief to our valued members and to prospective members, the board of PRSA Richmond voted to reduce chapter dues for calendar year 2021 to be in the amount of $100 instead of the usual $185. The dues will continue to include the cost of lunches that we are able to hold in 2021 at the Lakeside Park Club, the new name of the Jefferson Lakeside Country Club, along with all the services that members have come to expect from our chapter. The chapter can subsidize the anticipated shortfall in dues income with funds set aside for unforeseen circumstances such as the pandemic.

This reduction in chapter dues is only applicable for 2021 at this point. The board will continue to monitor the situation and will keep members informed about any decisions related to the dues amount for 2022, which may be increased as normalcy resumes.

The board would like to assure members that PRSA Richmond will continue to plan robust monthly programs and speakers [in-person or virtual as needed], along with the Virginia PR Awards, professional development workshops, happy hours and other activities in 2021 [again, in-person or virtual as needed].

We’ll be sharing more information about plans for 2021 in the fall newsletters. Please watch for announcements related to dues and other important issues for chapter members.

[Note: New members who wish to join in 2020 will pay a prorated amount for the remaining months of 2020 combined with the $100 dues for 2021. Also, all members who wish to renew for 2021 must be in good standing with PRSA national. If you have questions about your status, please contact admin@prsarichmond.org.]