Yes Means Progress

Saying ‘yes’ throughout the year at PRSA Richmond has led to a lot to be grateful for . . . and even more progress charted for the months ahead.

Being committed to ‘yes’ helped us to revamp the Virginia PR Awards, creating new categories and fresh approaches to format. A reimagined Young Professionals Group has committed to a significant chapter investment in discounted dues for those just starting out in their careers. We said ‘yes’ to crunching the numbers necessary, building a more meaningful feeder program that will lead to sustainable memberships for the future.

Growing diversity efforts over several years have led PRSA Richmond to a wider range of programming, expanded leadership roles and challenging, open discussions. Now the organization has formal guidelines: the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Promise. This document articulates exactly how we intend to say ‘yes’ to include everyone’s voice and be intentional about all levels of decision-making.

At our November Luncheon, we invite you, as members, to say ‘yes’ to this progress. Join us at “Lift Every Voice: A Panel on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” to listen, learn and find ways to implement throughout your every day.

We’ll also be honoring Past PRSA Richmond Presidents at the November Luncheon. We are so grateful for their service, providing foundational leadership, vision and many yes’s we’ll likely never know about.  Where we’re headed in the future – as an organization and an industry – depends on your leadership, your voice being raised. YES to progress!

Judi Crenshaw, APR
President, PRSA Richmond