If you’re a college student majoring in public relations, journalism, communications or another major and you’re interested in a career in public relations, an internship is a MUST. If you love writing, communications strategy, media relations and social media, an internship will help you gain experience in the field and solidify your interests.

Designed to give students “hands-on” experience in the field, internships can open up a wealth of information into topics that have only been studied in the context of a classroom. Internships can help develop an array of skills and are a great networking opportunity.

Internships in communications can involve developing new skills in writing, public relations, media relations, marketing, graphic design, social media, business development, fundraising, research, government relations, community outreach, publishing and more.

While public relations and marketing agencies assist clients specifically with their communications needs, nearly every organization has an in-house public relations/communications/marketing department or staff members who perform tasks related to the communications field.

How to find an internship?

The PRSA Richmond Student Relations committee recommends the following sites to begin your search. Also be sure to check with your campus career center about additional resources for scoring your dream internship.